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Just for today...

All great achievements start with a first step. Sometimes, the easiest way to take

that first step is by making it a simple one! Makes sense right? So today, I invite you to embrace the freedom and empowerment of self-acceptance. Own who you are. Own the story that has led you here. Remember, there is only ONE you!

This is one of the core principles we teach at our retreats. Acceptance leads to love. If you, or someone you know, who has endured a traumatic event that has left them ‘blemished’ and would benefit from our educational and healing retreats, I encourage you (or them) to apply today to our June New Hampshire Retreat for Young Women Ages 17-29. We only have a handful of open spots remaining.

To learn more and apply, visit our website

Questions: Contact our Program Director, Annie, at

2022 Retreat Flyer v2
Download PDF • 6.32MB

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