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Our team at Angel Faces has seen time and again the amazing transformations young women go through after receiving leadership and mentorship training. It plays an invaluable role during our Retreats and we consider it a core feature of our organization. Our mentors share practical experiences, provide skill-reinforcement and support to participants as they navigate life challenges from disfiguring trauma. Below are a few of the programs we are currently involved with.

Bullying Training and Self Defense

Every parent fears that their child will be bullied, abducted… or worse. In 2003 Tracie Arlington, a mother and a black belt in Taekwondo, realized there was a need for self defense training for women and children that were not in the martial arts. So PlayItSafeDefense was born! We are pleased to offer this training for our participants (past and present) and volunteers.

School Application

College Applications - Tips & Tricks

We have volunteers standing by to help you complete and give advice on college applications. 

Coming Soon
Shake on It

Master the Interview

We have volunteers standing by to give advice and help you successfully complete your next big interview. 

Coming Soon

1 On 1 Support with Dr. Sara Gilman

Dr. Sara Gilman (bio)

Coming Soon

Transformative Results

Results from our ongoing research demonstrate that after participating in Angel Faces retreats, adolescent girls and young women experience an increase in hope, a decrease in depressive symptoms, and an increase in quality of life. Read more about our research study, published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology here.
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Get Involved

Though we are not currently hiring, there are plenty of ways to help support the team at Angel Faces. Click below to learn about current volunteer positions or donate now.

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