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Angel Faces Announces the 'Angel of The Year' Award Program

Each month Angel Faces will spotlight an individual from either the Burn Injury or Trauma Recovery communities who has supported others through difficult situations. For example, a doctor, nurse, therapist, teacher, volunteer, or mentor who ‘you’ believe should be publicly acknowledged. We call this person an 'Angel on Earth'.

We will be sharing their stories and how they have impacted lives on the Angel Faces social media channels, and will also include a profile on the Angel Faces blog.

At the end of the year, an individual will be selected from the nominations to receive the 'Angel of The Year' Award!

We invite you to submit a nomination through our social media channels or by emailing us at

Nominations will be accepted on an ongoing basis through December 10, and the award winner will be announced shortly after!


-A description of why you think this person should be celebrated

-First and Last Name, and Title if applicable

-Their place of work

-A photo, or headshot

We look forward to shedding light on the valuable people in our lives!

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