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COVID-19 Statement 


Dang COVID! 


Yes, this pandemic has had an impact extending personally from within our homes stretching out to the entire world.  As our staff, board of directors and volunteers live throughout the United States, have had our hand on the pulse, carefully monitoring the CDC recommendations and the daily updates of the virus.  In addition, we are mindful and adherent to continuing to maintain social distancing and avoiding any group size gatherings.


Personally, I believe the language should be physical distancing, as for our health and wealth of our spirit we must continue to connect socially.  Let us be grateful for the telephone, FaceTime, Zoom and letter writing and let us distance ourself physically only.  We all need each other.     


In April, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone all retreats for summer 2020. The recommended physical distancing, group sizes, and risk mitigation played a large factor in this decision. Given the nature of the retreats and the interactive sessions our girls participate in, this is the safest decision for our participants, our staff, and our families.  

This decision impacts us all. We know that you count on Angel Faces for opportunities for your daughters, your patients and yourself to be supported as they develop new skills, confidence, and independence in overcoming their trauma. There is nothing that we love more than serving you through safe, fun, and life-changing programs. However, we must keep the safety of all as the primary factor in our decision making.

Yet, the need is still there and so are we because we are resilient, passionate and believe in our mission! Besides, I’ve seen the results in the eyes of our girls after the retreat!  


As the pandemic has (temporarily) changed our business model of in-person intensive retreats, we are retooling our resources. Our our goal is to design and establish an online retreat program mirroring our in-person retreat to maintain support and education which is vital to the girls and young women we serve while managing self-care, grief and loss throughout this pandemic. Significantly impacting trauma patients with positive skills has an enormous impact on their family, friends, and community creating a ripple effect, thus serving thousands. 


Please follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter blasts on the progress of both virtual retreats and online experience!  

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, We got this! 

Lesia S. Cartelli


“This retreat has taught me how to have more confidence in myself and be ok with who I am and how I look. I’m so blessed to be here.” 

—  Retreat Participant


The Retreat Experience

Yoga · Visualizations · Corrective Cosmetics · Therapeutic Touch / Massage · Guided Sessions on Healing Trauma · Expressive Therapy · Leadership Training · Goal Setting

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