Lesia Cartelli, founder of Angel Faces, was flooded with emails Tuesday, Dec. 8, as news outlets reported on the Christmas wish of Safyre Terry. This adorable 8 year old lost her entire family in a fire two years ago. Badly scarred from her own injuries, she lives with her aunt, Liz Dolder, in upstate New York.

SafyreDolder purchased gold metal Christmas tree stand at a Goodwill store in Schnectady for $4. Sa’fyre said she wanted to decorate it with Christmas cards. Dolder wasn’t sure they’d get enough cards to fill it, so she posted a message to Facebook asking for cards to be sent to a local post office.

Her message went viral.

Angel Faces spread the word on our Facebook site, and we know many people in our community sent cards and shared the post. We sent a card from our main office to Sa’fyre and a copy of Lesia Cartelli’s book Heart of Fire to Dolder. We invited the two fo them to visit a Level 1 retreat this summer.

Merry Christmas Sa’fyre!